Website Tips
Getting More Sales from Your Website the Easy Way - 10 Tips
  1. Make video, audio, and moving advertisements optional. Video and audio that begins playing when a visitor arrive at your site will delay the page load and may convince them to move on to another site.

  2. Keep your website up-to-date and exciting with new content. This is the single most important thing you can do for your website. Adding fresh content will keep customers returning to your site and will increase the likelihood that your site will show up when someone does an internet search. Hire someone to do this weekly or monthly and never have to think about it again.

  3. Consider the layout of your site. Ease-of-use and thoughtful organization of a site can help potential customers use your site and understand what you are selling. For example, products you are selling should be described and linked to on the top third of your home page, and the buying process should be intuitive. Make sure your business name is easy to read for new customers.

  4. Target the right customers with key words. Key words, or search words someone might use to find your web site from a browser (like Internet Explorer), can be imbedded into your site in strategic locations. You can also purchase key words from search engines like Google and Yahoo. Using key words can increase traffic to your site from search engines.

  5. Add the benefit of your product or service to your home page. Let your customers know what benefit they will receive by using your product or services instead of just a description of them. For example, instead of "Green Acres Web creates websites," we would say, "Green Acres Web gets you more customers in an easy way."

  6. Use your site to collect email addresses. Have a section where visitors can add their email address to sign up for your newsletter or event alerts. Offer an incentive to join your email list like a free report, podcast, or download.

  7. Ensure that your website is search engine compatible. Some websites are not search engine compatible due to the way they are designed. For now, it is best to stay away from designs that use frames and sites that are designed completely in Flash.

  8. Increase your web presence by asking other sites to link to yours. Often, other websites that are in the same general field will be willing to add a link to your site. Provide them with a brief description of your site and email the webmaster with your request. When you link to other websites, program the link to open in a new window so your website will still be open on their computer.

  9. Have a lightning-fast website with streamlined graphics. Streamlining graphics and optimizing for the internet will increase download speeds which will in turn hold people's interest. Streamlining graphics can allow you to use more images and can also improve the look of your site. A programmer can do this quick fix and make a huge impact on your site.

  10. Make your site easy-to-read by checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation. People notice misspellings and incorrect grammar. Correcting these makes your site easier to read. The font style and colors you use can also impact the readability of your site.

Green Acres Web can help you increase traffic to your website which will increase sales. We can explain computer and web concepts in simple English and give you personalized attention. We have been working with computers for 25 years and have over 10 years of experience with websites and the internet.